Frequently Asked Questions


Prima Gold jewelry is made of 24K pure gold with 99.9% purity. Value of each Prima Gold jewelry uniquely lies in its delicate designs and sophisticated craftsmanship with its hand-made signature ‘silk-line’ technique. 

Prima Gold is made of 24K pure gold with high-quality precious and semi-precious gemstones. The clasp, double-locking for bracelets and necklaces, is made of white gold which is harder, stronger and more durable.

The special double-locking clasp designed for Prima Gold provides versatility and practicality while optimizing security against possible loss.

Please specify your kind request on contact us or please visit your nearby Prima Gold shops on store locator.

Prima Gold shops/counters are located in leading department stores in key cities of available countries. Please visit store locator to find the nearest Prima Gold shops/counters.

Prima Gold jewelry is provided with a certificate of warranty to be presented to Prima Gold jewelry consultants upon service usage.

The warranty is not subject to damage caused by accidents, improper or abusive use of jewelry as well as any repairs or modifications not taken under Prima Gold service.

After-sales service, to a lifetime period, covers a range of cleaning, re-plating, washing and fixing service without charge or service fee.

Stains or marks on jewelry could be possibly caused by contact with the skin, pollution or extraneous contact.

  • After wearing, gently rub jewelry with a soft, clean cloth to wipe out dirt and perspiration
  • Avoid spraying perfume or applying lotion on the area where jewelry is worn
  • Keep jewelry in appropriate place where moisture or temperature variation is not subject to; recommended to keep in pouch or box provided

In case of significant stains, delicately rub with soft brush, rinse with warm water and gently dry with soft, clean cloth or blow dryer. 

For further advice on maintenance, please visit your nearby Prima Gold shops. 

Prima Gold is looking for potential partners, entering into distribution agreement, for retail business prospects in key regions. 

For more details, please kindly indicate your kind request on contact us, under the enquiry topic business opportunities.